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From Boston to Triadelphia, Veloxint holds future of nanocrystalline alloys…

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Leaders in the Field: Kris Darling’s ARL Team and Chris Schuh’s MIT Team

Veloxint represents decades of development in the area of nanocrystalline alloys in two organizations, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Army Research Laboratory (ARL). Veloxint is under a license from MIT and ARL and is continuing the development in its facilities. Veloxint has what is believed to be the largest intellectual property portfolio in the world in the area of nanocrystalline materials.

MIT & ARL spent over a decade developing and refining materials and process design approaches to overcome this traditional limitation, including work ranging from fundamental analytical and computational models to experimental confirmation of processing and properties.

The Promise Of Nanocrystalline Metals

From Laboratory to Industry:
Veloxint’s Innovative Products

Veloxint has built its own facility with a world class powder metallurgy laboratory and multiple ways to consolidate powders.

Veloxint’s internal R&D has led to a third collection of inventions and patents related to powdered metals.

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